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   Application for Admissions to B.A(OL) Five Years Integrated Course for Academic Year - 2021-22.

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Matrusri Oriental College

Jillellamudi – 522 113 (Andhra Pradesh – India) Estd.1970

The Mission

Sree Viswajananee Parishat is a central organization pursuing the broad spectrum of services under the auspices of AMMA (Formally known as Matrusri Anasuya Devi widely worshiped as JILLELLAMUDI AMMA, deemed the incarnation of the goddess Rajarajeswari by the orthodox devout)

It is a multifarious service organization pursuing deiverse service activities of feeding the hungry, educating the backward illiterate, offering medical aid, care of the week and infirm, rural uplift, disaster relief.

This is an organization setting example for divine victory in the secular way of living having love and fraternal relations.

This is an organization to immortalized the method and message of AMMA, which is integrating the theistic whole with humanitarian perspective.

The Vision

Promoting the idea of cosmic oneness prevailing throughout the biodiversity.

Empowerment of the rural women and youth.

Moulding human resources with spiritual orientation and secular relations.

Promotion of patriotic morality and scientific national perceptive for carrying the vital heritage of the national and race.

‘Matrusri Vidya Parishat’ is an adjunct functioning vibrantly addressed to the cause of education within the overall ambit of the Sree Viswajananee Parishat. As an integral part of educating the rural backward and economically depressed, the Matrusri Oriental College is initiated in the year 1970. The oriental education is accorded a priority with a view to promote, as also propagate the Sanskrit language and literature, in which our rich ancient heritage and culture are contained.

While educating the rural folks, our Matrusri Oriental College is also committed to the core values of universal love and brotherhood which truly foster eternal peace in the world. This is the cardinal message of MATRUSRI ANASUYA DEVI, widely known and worshipped as JILLELLAMUDI AMMA within the State, all over the country and also from abroad. Our College is dedicated and commissioned under the auspices of AMMA deemed as Universal Mother. Matrusri Oriental College is a vibrant, active affiliate of the Matrusri Vidya Parishat.

The Origin

Matrusri Oriental College was established in the year 1971 with an integrated five-year Degree B.A. (OL) Course in Sanskrit and Telugu languages.

The College was affiliated to Acharya Nagarjuna University ever since the inception.

And later on to Sri Venkateswara Vedic University for sanskrit courses because of a government policy change in the year 2013.

A pass in S.S.C. or its equivalent examination is the minimum qualification for admission. A devoted, committed, scholarly staff has been teaching, striving  towards academic excellence in both the curriculums with different affiliations. Under their instruction, the students are well disciplined, groomed, devoted committed to the academic studies and general excellence. This reflects in the number of laurels, awards, gold medals and other achievements at the University, State and National levels in academics, elocution and such other contests both in Sanskrit and Telugu languages over several years in the previous decades.